Coronavirus PPE

Please keep safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lockdown, physical distancing of 2m, and hand washing all play an important part in safety from the coronavirus. Maintaining our bubbles helps to slow and prevent infection.

High quality PPE has been sourced from China. Face visors, respirator face masks, and PM2.5 disposable filters have been identified as an effective and affordable combination to provide increased protection from the virus.

Limited stock remains as business prepare to open in level 2. As of 11:30am 8th May; 9 red masks, 13 grey masks, 9 black masks, 6 blue masks, and 8 face visors are still available. We have plenty of disposable filters in stock for the face masks.

Sales are available by contacting us through our website contact form or by calling Sean on 021 237 2005. Bank transfer and payment by credit card over the phone are available. Nationwide delivery is provided by tracked post for $7 per order. Local delivery and contactless payment by paywave is available in Tauranga.

Facemasks are $18.95 including two disposable filters, filters are $9.95 for a 5 pack and face visors are $11.95. All prices include GST.

As we come out of lock-down are you ready for the increased risk of the virus spreading? Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with PPE.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Anti-viral respirator facemasks

Our chosen facemasks are made of a high quality soft cotton. The masks are designed for a good fit around the face, limiting leakage of air to improve filtration. The masks are shaped to fit over your nose, and a pocket secures the mask under your chin. A longer length of fabric towards your ears allows the mask to sit snug against your cheeks.

A respirator valve helps to ease breathing and improves comfort by allowing heat and moisture to escape.

The mask is made of three layers of cotton; an outer coloured layer, a soft white liner, and an internal sleeve that allows a disposable filter to be inserted. Each mask comes with 2.5 micron 5 layer activated carbon disposable filters. Additional filters can be purchased.

The masks are re-usable and are machine washable. They contain no metal. Alternatively the masks can be washed in a sink of hot soapy water. The filters must not get wet. Remove filter before washing the mask.

2.5 micron 5 layer activated carbon disposable filters

2.5 microns is a very fine filter. Human hairs are 50 - 70 microns thick. Tests show less than 3% of droplets emitted during talking, and 0% of droplets emitted during coughing are smaller than 5 microns.

Blocking the droplets blocks the virus. The less virus that enters our system, the better chance our immune system has of fighting it off.

2.5 micron filters are effective against pollution, exhaust, smoke, dust, pollen, allergens, and pathogens (bacteria and viruses).

Replace the filter as required. In high risk virus use replace every 3 - 12 hours. In safer areas replace every 7 - 10 days. In emergencies the filter may be able to be sterilised by hot ironing it, though this is not recommended practice. Do not get the filter wet as this reduces the effectiveness of the filter. Do not microwave.

Safely removing and washing masks with the virus on them

For all of the protection the mask provides, additional protection is needed. The virus can still get on your hands. To safely remove the mask, when it may have the virus on it:

  1. First wash and dry or sanitise your hands.
  2. Next fill some hot soapy water into a sink.
  3. Remove the mask touching only the elastic ear straps.
  4. Holding the base of the inner sleeve with one hand, remove the filter with the other.
  5. Place the mask in the soapy water and wash your hands again.

Super clear anti-fog tilt-able face visors

These visors are light weight, high transparency. They are made of soft, anti-fog, super clear plastic and are not easily broken. The visors have a removable strap to hold the visor to your head. The domes that attach the visor allow it to be tilted. This allows the front of the visor to be lifted up.

A face visor provides protection for your face and eyes from large droplets. When large droplets cause a filter to get wet, such as by being coughed on at close range, the effectiveness of the filter is reduced. The visor extends the safe usage of a filter by protecting from this.

Wearing a visor can help to stop touching your face. The visors are easily sterilised for re-use by removing the strap and washing in hot soapy water.

Use with an anti-viral respirator facemask (and filter) for enhanced protection.

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